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Welcome to Foundation Stage

A massive 'Welcome' to Foundation Stage! We are very excited to be leading your children through their first steps at school, ensuring that they feel happy, comfortable and ready to learn.

We will be exploring a wide range of topics this year including 'Marvelous Me', 'Magic', 'Space' and so much more.

Throughout the year, we aim to help you feel fully updated on our amazing learning journeys in and around school. If you have any questions or queries, please contact us at school.

Remember to keep a close eye on our webpage so we can share our wonderful learning with you!

Miss WrightMiss Wright

 Mr CammMr Camm









Miss Wright (class teacher)          Mr Camm (class teacher)                              

Please find below some of the things we have been doing this year...

FS2 had a fantastic trip to Shildon Railway Museum.

Firstly, we got on a bus to travel to the museum. Then when we arrived at Shildon it was raining so we got off the bus and quickly walked to the entrance of the museum to be greeted by Simon, who organised the activities. 

After, we split up into two groups and took part in two different activities, storytelling and making puppets. We had so much fun and learnt about how people used to travel to the seaside in the past, travelling in first class and second class on the trains. After the activities we had our lunch in front of the trains as we had worked up an appetite. 

Once we had finished our lunch we had time to look around the museum and explored all the activities and the different types of trains. Finally, we had a play in the train park and went back on the bus to school. 

The children were an asset to school and loved their first trip! 

Thursday 25th May

FS2 have had a fantastic morning learning Judo with Glynn. We had to pass 6 stages before we could learn some Judo moves and the children were absolutely brilliant and followed the instructions really well. 

Well done everyone! 

Tuesday 28th March

Today we had a visit from PCSO Di and DC Kath to talk to us about their role as a police officer and what they do to help people in the community. PCSO Di talked to us about strangers and what we can do in different situations. For example, Lila said if you get lost in a shop you should tell the shopkeeper or the security guard. She also discussed how we can get in contact with the police and why they're important.

DC Kath took us outside for a full tour of the police van, where Miss Wright got handcuffed and put in the back of the van! We had so much fun and learnt many new ways to keep ourselves safe.

Thanks for visiting us!

Tuesday 4th April - Open Afternoon 

In FS2 we have had a super afternoon of Easter crafts where we made Easter baskets, bunny masks, bunny puppets and more! We also had our very own photographers for the afternoon, Lucie and Emily, they did a fabulous job of taking photos of everyone! Thanks girls! 

Thank you to all parents/ carers who were able to make it and joined us for the afternoon. 







For British Science week, FS2 have been very busy and took part in the SENSATIONAL celery experiment. We investigated what would happen if we placed dye into water with celery in it. We made a prediction about what we thought would happen. Would the celery absorb the water and dye or not? 

We observed the celery over time and found out that the celery absorbed the water through its stem and changed its colour.

We had so much fun!

This week for our homework we were set the task of creating a rocket. Here are some of the rockets the children have created with help from their parents/ carers. They are absolutely FANTASTIC! A huge thank you to everyone for all their hard work! 

Pancake Day!

On Tuesday we learnt about Shrove Tuesday and why we eat delicious pancakes. We found out that we celebrate Pancake Day before Lent begins to use up all the left over foods. We used flour, eggs and milk to create a batter then Mrs Lawson cooked the pancakes in a different room so that we were all safe. Finally we chose our topping and enjoyed eating the pancakes with our friends.

Welcome to the second half of the Spring Term!

Click here to view the newsletter for this half term.

Open Afternoon - Wednesday 15th February

Thank you to all parents who were able to attend the open afternoon, we hope you had a wonderful time looking through your child's work and contributing to their learning journey. 

We look forward to hosting another open afternoon at the end of next half term. 

Have a lovely half term and don't forget to let us know what you get up to! 

Friday 27th January

This week, we have been learning all about Chinese New Year and how they celebrate it. We have created dragons, taken part in the chop stick challenge, made Chinese lanterns, fans and have written our name using the Chinese alphabet. We even tried some Chinese food and discussed which was our favourite. We have had a fantastic week!

Friday 20th January

This fortnight we have been learning all about Jack and the Beanstalk! We have been reading and retelling the story, acting it out in the role play area.

One of the children asked if we could grow our own beanstalk and we thought that was a brilliant idea! We wrote a list of all the things we needed and then found ourselves some pots and seeds and got growing!

The children have had some amazing ideas throughout the topic and we are all very excited to see how our beans get on.

Tuesday 10th January 

On Monday morning when we arrived at school, mysterious footprints had appeared in the Foundation Stage area. The children were quick to investigate who they might belong to and started to gather evidence using photos and predicting who might of left the footprints. 

Another clue was left, and the children soon found out that it was a GIANT!!! They couldn't believe it!!!  

The giant left a picture of himself in the classroom and the children thought of adjectives to describe him. They wanted to create posters to find the giant and capture him. They produced some fabulous work!  Well done Foundation! 

Our WorkOur WorkFriday 25th November

This week we have been focusing on friendship and our Christian Value of kindness, following on from anti-bullying week. As part of our discussions one of the children suggested making a 'friendship tree'. What a fantastic idea!

We thought about all the different things we are thankful for, and what friendship means to us, and used these ideas to draw and write leaves for our tree. We then set off on an exploration of the playground; in search of sticks for the stem. 

Here are a couple of super quotes from the children.

Mia: 'Helping mummy and Daddy do the shopping.'

Tjae: 'Listening is important.'

Matthew: 'Being kind.'

Elena: 'Sharing.'

Archie: 'Playing with my friends.'

Friday 11th November

This week we have been reading the story of the Gruffalo! In class we have drawing our own monster and writing short sentences to describe them. Outside we went on an exploration of the school woods in search of the Gruffalo and all his friends. 

Although we didn't manage to find 'the real Gruffalo' we had a fantastic time in the snow and the leaves.

Next time we will be moving on to the Gruffalo's Child and will be diving in to some Gruffalo Role play.

Autumn 2 Newsletter - click HERE

Foundation Stage and Guy FawkesFoundation Stage and Guy FawkesFriday 4th November

This week we have been learning all about bonfire night and the history behind it. As part of our learning and exploring we used materials from around the school to create a Guy Fawkes for the Catterick Village bonfire. What a tremendous job they've done!

We all hope you have a wonderful time at the bonfire and hope you use all the skills we have been learning to stay safe.

Next week we'll be taking a journey into the deep, dark wood. I wonder what characters we might find.....

Wednesday 19th October 

We have been focusing on our listening skills and following instructions when using the parachute.

We started by sitting around the parachute and we were given instructions on whether to move it slowly or quickly. We were all able to do this really well!

We were then given a number and when our number was shouted out we had to exchange places with someone else. We used our listening ears really well and were given two step instructions.

We finished off by playing the ‘Cat and Mouse’ game which we all loved! 

Thursday 13th October 

This week, we have been learning all about the 5 senses. Can you remember what they are? 


As part of this week of exploration we took part in the taste testing challenge. We used our sense of taste to try a variety of foods before describing how they tasted. Can you tell your parents which was your favourite taste? 


Over and out until next time... 

WOW moments! WOW moments!WOW moments!

Throughout the year, we will be compiling a Learning Journey showing your child's comments, photos and work from both school and home. The wow moments are a way for you to record those moments when your child says or does something  that makes you think 'wow'! The  wow moments or work can then be shared with the rest of the class before being placed on the wow moment tree then into your child's Learning Journey. Wow moment leaves will be sent home every 2 weeks. 

We are sometimes asked for ideas of comments that can be placed on the wow moments. Click HERE for some suggestions.

Thursday 6th October

We are learning all about the human development and today we had a visitor to class. Mrs Smith came in to see Foundation and to talk about her children. Mrs Smith has 3 children, a baby, a toddler and a child. Three different stages of development.

The children asked Mrs Smith a variety of super questions all about how to look after babies and toddlers, including how do babies eat? How many nappies do you go through a day? We found out that babies go through around 10 nappies a day and toddlers go through around 5 nappies a day. WOW! We also found out what babies need in order to grow big and strong and how they rely on their parents.

Thanks for visiting us Mrs Smith!

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