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East Barnby 2016 - 27th June to 1st July

Please find below some of the documents you may need for our up-coming visit to East Barnby. Keep an eye out for more updates, especially while we are away!


Kit List


Programme for the week


North Yorkshire Outdoor Learning Service - East BarnbyEast Barnby website - click hereEast Barnby website - click here

Please click on the image to the right to be taken to the East Barnby website for further details about the location, activities and safety information.



Wednesday (morning)...

Wednesday (afternoon)...



Message from the teachers...

Posted 1/7/2016

Mrs Smith and I would just like to share how proud we are of ALL our Y6 children!!! Not only have they have behaved impeccably all week and been a credit to both themselves and the school, but they have overcome fears and difficult challenges, tried new and exciting things and pushed their own boundaries to new limits. It has been wonderful to share their achievements and each and every one of them should be so proud of what they have accomplished. Now.........get some sleep!!!!!

Mrs Smith & Mrs Moss

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Friday...Day 5

Posted 1/7/2016

Our final day saw us head to Runswick Bay where we became fossil hunters. We had to battle against the tide but after some of the challenges we've faced this week, no job was too great and we even had time for an ice-cream!

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Thursday...Day 4

Posted 30/6/2016

After another fantastic breakfast, we set off for a full day of rock climbing. We trekked to Scug Dale and then did some bouldering and weaseling before climbing the ropes. The sun shone for us and we all had yet another great day!


‘That wasn’t as difficult as it looked!’   Faith

‘I will make it to the top!’   Aidan

‘Totally tubular. That was amazing!’ Josh

‘Climbing was awesome but the descent was the best!!’ Katy H

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Wednesday...Day 3

Posted 29/6/2016

Our morning activity today was beck scrambling and we were determined not to be beaten by the rain. We scrambled up rocks, climbed through small spaces, took the loony leap and still ended up wetter than the weather!


'This is a tight space, will I get through?' Michael

'Can I cannon ball into the water?' Dominic G

'Will my hips fit through there?' Katie

'Will I get wet if I jump the loony leap?' Dom J

'I feel like a voluntary fish!' Faith

'The waterfall brought a tear to my eye.' Danielle


This afternoon our competitive sides took over as we competed to see who could make the best shelter. Then after showing how good we were at communicating and working as a team, we used our persuasive skills to present our best sales pitch. 


'Hurry up, we really need to get this finished!'  Maizie

'Stop moaning and get picking up sticks!' Bethany

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Tuesday...Day 2

Posted 28/6/2016

Today began with a dorm inspection which the girls narrowly won by one point, better luck tomorrow boys! After a healthy breakfast it was time to load up our canoes and wet gear before sailing into Whitby Harbour. Many of us overcame some of our fears and had a fantastically wet time whilst taking in some wonderful sights!


'Are we going to get wet?'     Cole

'I have pushed myself today and overcome my fear of rivers. A proud day!'     Charlotte

'I'm really pleased with my 2 1/2 mile canoe journey into Whitby Harbour. It was an amazing sight to see!'     Ethan

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Monday - Day 1...

Posted 27/6/2016

Shortly after arrival we were all allocated the 'Dales' dorm and some of us tackled bed making more successfully than others! We went for our briefing and then after a super lunch we set off up the moors to go orienteering. Everyone had a great time despite some moaning about aching legs. Tonight we are off on an alien hunt!


'My mum must be a super hero being able to make beds!'     Hugh 

'Is this a map?'     Ellie Wright

'The dibbers were very technical!'     Cole

'I had loads of fun orienteering but it has made me tired.'     Josh

'Truly amazing views from the top of the moor but the thistles were painful!'     Ellie T

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Get packing over the weekend!

Posted 23/6/2016

Remember to pack your toothbrush and spare underwear! Check the kit list, which is downloadable from this page, if you are unsure. :-) 

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Welcome to the East Barnby Page

Posted 25/5/2016

Please find on this page a kit list and programme which we will be following during our visit to East Barnby. Keep an eye out on this blog while we are away for updates and some photos!

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