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East Barnby 2016 - 7th November - 11th November

Please find below some of the documents you may need for our up-coming visit to East Barnby. Keep an eye out for more updates, especially while we are away!


Kit List


Programme for the week


North Yorkshire Outdoor Learning Service - East BarnbyEast Barnby website - click hereEast Barnby website - click here

Please click on the image to the right to be taken to the East Barnby website for further details about the location, activities and safety information.

The John Muir AwardJohn Muir AwardJohn Muir Award

For the first time, our year 6s who visit East Barnby this year will be taking part in and completing 'The John Muir Award'. The award is an environmental award scheme that encourages pupils and students (from upper primary school) to connect with, enjoy and care for wild places through a structured yet adaptable scheme.

Click on the image to go to their website.






A Message from Mrs Moss and Miss Wright...

Posted 12/11/2016

It has been an absolute pleasure to be part of the adventures and successes of our Year 6 children this week. We are so proud of how you have not only represented our school with your wonderful behaviour, politeness, determination and teamwork but being able to share in all your individual successess has been a real pleasure too.  

Remember.....'Teamwork makes the dream work'

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Day 5 - Friday 11th November

Posted 11/11/2016

For our final activity of the week, we headed to Danby Beacon to tackle the terrains of the moors on mountain bikes. Of course we had to stop for a photo opportunity next to the beacon before setting off on our adventure.

It was a tricky challenge adjusting our gears to help us best tackle the many different surfaces and the mud!! Many of us were pushed to our very limits but sheer determination meant we all successfully completed our journey. We even made sure that we stopped, remembered and reflected on those who fought for our country whilst on our travels.

After lunch it was time for home. We boarded the bus and there were a few of us who just couldn't 

keep our eyes open!! 

It has been a wonderful week where we have tried new things and overcome many fears. We even discovered that we have a member of our class who is a little partial to jam!!!!!!

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Day 4 - Thursday 10th November

Posted 10/11/2016

Day 4 in the Big Dales Dorm.....

Once again we were ready and raring to go after another enormous breakfast. Today's activities consisted of skiing, climbing and sledging. 

We split into our groups and quickly realised that today our listening skills had to be sharp. On the ski slope we learned how to stand up in our skis and then begin to slide with control. There was plenty of falling over but our determination and perseverance meant that we all achieved at least one personal goal and overcame some fears.

Again in the climbing room we had to listen carefully and the need for teamwork became essential. Without out team members we would never have left the ground.

Another fun-packed and successful day had by all.

Quotes of the day......

Caitlyn 'I got to the top..yay!'

Maddie 'I believed in myself and I made it to the top!'

Connie 'You spin me right round....'

Isabel ' Keep on going, you can do it!'

Joe 'I've reached the top of the wall!'

Jasmine ' I am the champion!'

Keira ' I never believed I'd be able to ski!'

Josh ' I want skiing lessons!'

Harry A 'I've turned into Spiderman!'

Harley 'I need a skiing holiday!!!!'

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Day 3 - Wednesday 9th November

Posted 9/11/2016

Day 3 in the Big Dales Dorm....

After breakfast, we packed our lunch in our bags and set off on our woodland trek. There were no minibuses for us today....just good old fashioned walking. 

We set off from the East Barnby site and headed through the village before going deep in to Mulgrave Estate. There was plenty to explore along the way and we even popped into Madonna's Lodge!!! 

Unexpectedly, we discovered a mysterious castle built in 1214. Looking at the ruins we were able to identify the different parts of the castle and take in the stunning views.

After lunch, we headed further into the forest where we listened to echos in the tunnel and created some wonderful woodland art before heading to Sands End for marshmallows and hot chocolate.

Quotes of the Day..... 

Ben - 'Will I get a six-pack if I run to the top of this hill?'

Tyler - 'You can't beat marshmallows on the beach!'

Matilda -  ' I'm never walking up another hill..ever!'

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Day 2 - Tuesday 8th November

Posted 8/11/2016

Day Two.....In the Big Dales Dorm

Today we started off with a hearty breakfast in preparation for our busy day which consisted of canoeing on Scaling Dam and rock pooling at Runswick Bay.

We arrived at Scaling Dam ready to tackle the cold weather and all worked together (teamwork makes the dream work!) to launch our canoes into the dam. Some of us found canoeing more challenging than others and many of us overcame our fears. There was even a bit of competitive sportsmanship on the water where the teachers showed once again that they were the true champions

After lunch, we headed to Runswick Bay for a spot of fossil hunting and rock pooling. We were lucky enough to find many different species of sea creatures which we all really enjoyed and we are now sporting lovely rosy red cheeks!

The day however is not over for us... It is of course Lucy's birthday so we are having a fun disco evening to celebrate!

Quotes of the Day...

Harry A ' I've had enough of boats today!'

Keira-Lea 'Oops I fell again....'

Harley 'I can see there is a good chance we are going to fall in'

Lucy ' Why do I have to do hills on my birthday!'

Kelsey ' Have you lost the keys again Mrs Moss?'

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Day 1 - Monday 7th November...

Posted 7/11/2016

Day One in the Big Dales Dorm......

After a wet and windy journey, it wasn't long before we arrived at East Barnby. We were allocated our dorms and it was the time we'd all been looking forward to.....making our own beds! Of course this was easier for some than others but we all got there in the end.
After lunch we headed for the woods near Goathland to start our cooperative but competitive shelter building activity. We made our own teams and used our communication skills to find the best way to construct our shelters. We all got a bit muddy but have really enjoyed our first day despite the teachers locking themselves out of their dorm!!
Quotes of the day....
Tammi 'I hope there aren't anymore hills!'
Harry T 'I thought my Dad had a hard job making the beds!'
Taylor 'Stop falling over Tammi...'
Ben ' That is 20 rabbits and 2 badgers you owe me!'
See photos at the bottom of the page...
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We hope you're nearly packed!

Posted 5/11/2016

One day to go until the big trip! Hope you have plenty of clean socks!!

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Welcome to the East Barnby page!

Posted 11/10/2016

Please find on this page a kit list and programme which we will be following during our visit to East Barnby. Keep an eye out on this blog while we are away for updates and some photos!

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