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AfPE Quality MarkAfPE Quality Mark

Youth Sport Trust Quality MarkYouth Sport Trust Quality Mark

PE Premium Award Winner - Whole School ImprovementPE Premium Award Winner - Whole School Improvement

The Primary EdgeThe Primary Edge

Eco-Schools Bronze AwardEco-Schools Bronze Award

Week 1 (week beginning 23.3.20) - work sent home with the children


Week 2 (week beginning 30.3.20) - links below

Maths Problems        Arithmetic        Inference Developer        Maths Target Challenge        Poem Comprehension       


Reading Comprehension        Maths Answers Week 1-2


Week 3 (week beginning 20.4.20) - links below

Maths Practice        Maths Problems        Maths Answers        Arithmetic        Newspaper template        Pet Poetry        


Reading Comprehension        Times Tables        Writing Activities        Message from Miss Swainston


Week 4 (week beginning 27.4.20) - links below

Arithmetic        Writing Activities        Arithmetic and Reasoning        Further Reasoning        Spellings


Reading Comprehension        Answers from last week


Week 5 (week beginning 4.5.20) - links below

Arithmetic        Writing Activities        Arithmetic and Reasoning        Multiplication and Division        Spellings


Reading Comprehension        Answers from last week


Week 6 (week beginning 11.5.20) - links below

Arithmetic        Writing Activities        Maths Target Challenge        Reasoning        Times Tables        Spellings


Reading Task         Answers from last week        Reading Comprehension


Week 7 (week beginning 18.5.20) - links below

Arithmetic        Writing Activities        Gravity        Factors and Multiples        Arithmetic and Reasoning               


Spellings        Answers from last week        Reading Comprehension


Week 8 (week beginning 1.6.20) - links below

Arithmetic        Writing Activities        SPaG        Area and Perimeter             


Spellings        Answers from last week        Times Tables        Reading Comprehension       Message from Miss Swainston


Week 9 (week beginning 8.6.20) - links below

Arithmetic        Writing Activities        SPaG        Converting Measures         More Reasoning            


Spellings        Answers from last week        Reading Comprehension


Week 10 (week beginning 15.6.20) - links below

Arithmetic        English        SPaG        Shape and Angles         Maths Target Challenge           


Spellings        Answers from last week        Reading Comprehension


Week 11 (week beginning 22.6.20) - links below

Arithmetic        English        SPaG        Reflection and Translation         Times Tables           


Spellings        Answers from last week        Reading Comprehension


Week 12 (week beginning 29.6.20) - links below

Arithmetic        English        SPaG        Fractions        Further reasoning     


Spellings        Answers from last week        Reading Comprehension


Week 13 (week beginning 6.7.20) - links below

Arithmetic        English        SPaG        Statistics        Maths Target Challenge     


Spellings        Answers from last week        Reading Comprehension


Week 14 (week beginning 13.7.20) - links below

Arithmetic        English        SPaG        Maths


Spellings        Answers from last week        Reading        Answers from this week (no cheating!)

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