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News January to February 2018

January 2018 - Foundation Stage Beanstalk Surprise!

The first morning back to school, FS2 found mysterious footprints around the classroom. Who did they belong to? The children investigated the footprints, searched for clues and predicted who they thought the footprints belonged to. They found out that the footprints belonged to the Giant! The children found a letter addressed to Foundation Stage and some magic beans which were left on the table.

The Giant asked if we could help him locate his castle as someone had taken it and also to design a new home for him. So, the children got to work straight away and designed a new castle. They used candles to design it, then, using powder paint, mixed two primary colours together to make a secondary colour to paint their castle. 

After, the children planted their own beans to help grow a new beanstalk for the giant and discussed what beans need in order to grow and stay healthy.  

What an exciting day back! 

January 2018 - Year 5/6 topic launch

Year 5 and 6 had a challenging yet successful launch to their spring term topic where they expertly created their very own Yorkshire Dale! From design to construction the children showed great resilience throughout the build which proved to be very technical at times. With a clear vision and the end goal firmly in sight, the determination and perseverance skills displayed by all the children, led to the creation of a true masterpiece which certainly wouldn't be out place in the Yorkshire Dales. Well done Year 5 and 6, an outstanding achievement!!!!    

January 2018 - Year 1/2 topic launch

Year 1 and Year 2 had their topic launch on 9th January for their new topic 'Why don't dinosaurs exist today?'. The children had the opportunity to create some of their own dinosaur footprints using historical images, make fossil rubbings, design and form their own fossils and go on an archaeological dig to find dinosaur bones to create a T-REX. All of the children and staff had an amazing time and we look forward to discovering more about our topic.

January 2018 - School Games UpdateSchool GamesSchool Games

The shortest half term sees plenty of action this year as we have our gymnastics teams in competition as well as out netball team at the level 2 finals. There are tag rugby events and the start of our local indoor football league to keep us busy...not forgetting the swimming galas as well! What a half term we have in store! Keep an eye put for updates on our website and Facebook.

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