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July 2019

July 2019 - Celebration Day Picnic

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our Celebration Day picnic. We had lovely weather and a great turn out. We hope you all enjoyed spending time with us.

July 2019 - Race for Life

We have had an amazing day raising money for Cancer Research UK by doing our own Race for Life and cake sale. Thank you to everyone for their support...we raised a magnificent £322.85!! Great work.

July 2019 - Year 2 Creative Week

For creative week, Year 2 have been looking into the STEM engineering resources for transport. The children have done lots of experiments such as making a paper boat which can hold 100g, creating balloon powered cars with wheels and axels and creating paper planes as an enterprise project. We have absolutely loved it! Well done Year 2.

July 2019 - Year 5 Creative Week

Year 5 have been working as Humanitarian Engineers for Creative Week this year. As well as learning more about the impact of Global Warming and Climate Change, the class have been working to find out how engineers can help reduce some of the devastating effects for both people and the planet. Part of their work this week has included designing houses which will be able to withstand flooding through testing materials and designing their own wind turbines to see how energy is created.

July 2019 - FS & KS1 Sports Day

We had a great day at our Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 sports day. Well done to everyone for their amazing teamwork and for their effort during the morning. For the team part of our sports day, the results were: Lindsey 1827pts (4th); Scott 1871pts (3rd); Syddall 1905pts (2nd) and Booth 2059pts (1st). Great work and thank you to everyone who was able to make it today to support.

July 2019 - Creative Week Year 6

In Year 6, we have been focussing on an area of STEM based around the topic of ‘Polar Exploration’. First we did some research and learnt about the life of Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton, the first British Polar Explorer. Although we found out that Shackleton never actually achieved his dreams of reaching the South Pole, we did learn that he was a determined and resilient leader in the face of extremely challenging conditions and we all agreed that he definitely earnt his nominated title of the '11th Best Briton' in a BBC poll! The children wrote some wonderful biographies in his memory.
We also had an in-depth discussion about the ongoing issue of Climate Change. After listening to a speech by Sir David Attenborough we thought about the effects climate change could have on our polar regions and the animals who lived there. We came up with helpful advice on how we can do our bit to reverse the effects of climate change through recycling and being more eco-friendly.
Throughout the week, we also had some interesting visitors. 'The Troggs' came from an ice planet in a faraway galaxy as they heard that Earth’s polar regions were the perfect holiday destination due to the extremely low temperatures. However, the Troggs had not heard that our planet had been warming up do to Climate Change. Unknown to the Troggs, the Polar Icecaps had been melting and the temperature was getting too warm for them.
The children became STEM experts and had to design an insulating suit to keep their Trogg cool using a range of materials including bubble wrap, foil, felt, clingfilm and cotton wool. Have a look at our photos to see which Trogg lasted the longest!

July 2019 - Creative Week Year 4

During Creative Week in Year 4, we have been learning about Space and jobs in STEM. We have drawn the solar system, designed our own planet, learnt all about astronauts and other STEM careers and then chosen our favourite STEM career. We made our own rockets in teams and experimented with their designs! We have had a lot of fun!

July 2019 - Creative Week Year 3

For Creative Week, Year 3 have been working in groups to design and build a flood proof house. We began the week by thinking about the effects on a community when flooding disasters happen. We wrote prayers to people around the world effected by flooding. Next, we thought about how we could help these people. We tested materials for strength and water resistance. We designed and made our houses before recreating the big food with a watering can and tray of water. Not all of our houses survived but we reflected on how we could improve our designs next time. We showed great teamwork all week.

July 2019 - Creative Week Year 1

Our year 1s have been having a great Creative Week so far with our focus this year on STEM but especially engineering. They have made a boat out of play dough and have been experimenting to see what happens if they changed shape/weight and if it would sink or float.

They have also researched arctic animals and made an arctic animal mobile with facts. Then they looked at what arctic explorers eat and made an arctic explorer flap jack.

They have then done an experiment called 'blubber gloves', filling a rubber glove with lard and then put both hands in the water to see which one stayed warm the longest!

What a great week!

July 2019 - FS @ Thorp Perrow!

Our Foundation Stage had a wonderful day on their visit to Thorp Perrow. It was great fun and everyone had a fab time!

July 2019 - Healthy School Award Launch

Some of our school councilors had a great day at Harlow Carr in Harrogate at the launch of the North Yorkshire Healthy Schools Award. We took part in an activity workshop, a cooking demonstration, planting for a school garden and looking at how to use pupil voice. It was really useful for us moving in to next year. We also had an epic game of 'Who can stay quietest the longest?' in the car on the way back which lasted from Harrogate to Catterick Village! Well done guys!

July 2019 - School Games GOLD!

For the second year in a row, we are delighted to announce that we have been awarded the Gold School Games Mark. As part of the award, we are require to fulfill criteria in the areas of participation, competition, workforce and clubs and are very proud of all of the children and the whole school community for their commitment to all of these.We will be aiming for three in a row next year! Thank you for everyone's support.

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