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News March to April 2017

April 2017 - North Yorkshire Change4Life Festival

Our year 3 and 4 children had a wonderful day at the North Yorkshire Change4Life festival in York. A whole range of events took place including archery, target, balance, co-ordination and teamwork games. The day focused on demonstrating the skills of passion, teamwork, honesty, respect, determination and many more...they even got to meet Olympic Gymnast Craig Heap!

Not a bad day out!

April 2017 - Syddall News - 2nd Edition!Syddall News!Syddall News!

The second edition of our school newspaper has been finished and released today! Great work from newspaper club and Miss Cable. If you are interested in joining newspaper club, spaces are still available!

Click HERE to read a copy.


April 2017 - Easter Saved at Michael Syddall!

Disaster struck on our last day of term when all the pom pom Easter chicks mysteriously went missing from the Year 6 classroom. The Year 6's  were distraught but fortunately knew the right people to call to solve the mystery - our Foundation Stage children. They soon got busy and found some of the chicks on our trim trail. It turns out they only wanted a big of eggsercise!!! Anyway, all 35 of them were safely gathered up and have been re-homed with the youngest members of our school. Well done Foundation and thank you, we knew you were the right people for the job!

April 2017 - Easter Service

Thank you to all parents/ carers who were able to join us for the Easter service at St Anne's Church in the village. We had an egg-cellent time and have worked hard to make sure we understand the true meaning of Easter! We hope you have a lovely holiday!

March 2017 - Street Dance Performance

The street dance club performed their amazing dances for parents, children and staff. The children have been working so hard on all the dance routines and had great fun learning it. Well done Michael Syddall dancers! 

Street Dance continues on a Monday after school. See our extra-curricular page for more details!

March 2017 - Red Nose Day!

The children really pulled out all the stops for Comic Relief this year and arrived at school wearing a vast array of colours and in many cases, sporting funky hair. A bright and colour-filled day was had by all and we raised £172.66. Well done to the whole school...great work!

Cross Country FinalsCross Country FinalsMarch 2017 - North Yorkshire Cross Country Finals

We had 2 runners taking part in the North Yorkshire Cross Country Finals after qualifying from the Richmondshire Event. Caiden (Year 3) and Alicia (Year 5) ran against the best runners from across the County at Dalby Forest in some very tough races. Our school is very proud of both of them for making it to the finals.

Caiden finished a fantastic 51st place and Alicia finished a wonderful 57th.

Well done!

March 2017 - Year 6 Science at Richmond School

As part of Richmond School's transition to secondary project, our Year 6 pupils were invited to a Science morning hosted by the school. They took part in a 'Chemical Reactions' session in which they had to carry out various experiments and observe the chemical reactions which took place. All the children thoroughly enjoyed the session and learned that chemical reactions can take place under different conditions and produce different kinds of reactions.

Thank you Richmond School from all our Y6's!!

March 2017 - Science Week

For British Science week, FS2 have been very busy and took part in the SENSATIONAL celery experiment. We investigated what would happen if we placed dye into water with celery in it. We made a prediction about what we thought would happen. Would the celery absorb the water and dye or not? 

We observed the celery over time and found out that the celery absorbed the water through its stem and changed its colour.

We had so much fun!

March 2017 - Winter Football League - 'The Championship' (Week 2)

Winter Football LeagueWinter Football League

We played the final week of the winter football league despite some injuries and illnesses to our players and with 2 'caretaker managers' in charge of our teams. The teams played brilliantly yet again with some hard fought games against strong teams even with some of our players missing. It was all to play for going into the fixtures for the final week and our results turned out to be very positive.

Click HERE to see how both of our teams got on and for a final league table.

A big thank you goes to Mrs 'Mourhino' McHarg and Mr 'Klopp' Lister for taking caretaker charge of the teams.

March 2017 - Year 5 and 6 Trade Work

As part of our topic - Year 5 and 6 set out to answer the question 'Do South American countries trade?'. To help answer this  they took part in The Trading Game. This involved gathering resources, negotiating, working as part of a team and very accurate maths and measuring skills to make shapes which they could then sell to the banker. The children quickly learned that they had to work collaboratively and that some countries are able to trade more easily than others due to the resources they have available to them. They also discovered that world trade is not always fair and that many resources are controlled by richer countries.

March 2017 - Cross Country

We took over 40 of our Key Stage 2 children to the annual cross country event which is held every year at Catterick Racecourse. It was a wonderful day with approximately 100 children running from across the whole area. Races were split into boys and girls from each year group with the top 8 in each race of about 150 going through to the North Yorkshire Finals at Dalby Forest. Huge congratulations to Caiden from year 3 and Alicia from year 5 who will represent the Richmondshire Area. Well done to everyone involved...perseverance and hard work paid off in the end! Thank you to all of our parents for their support and help with getting the children there.

To see the full results for our runners, click HERE.

March 2017 - Gymnastics Competition

For the first time, we took some gymnasts to a competition held at Richmond School. We took a team of year 3/4s, 2 teams of year 5/6s and an individual gymnast. After months of training hard, the day lived up to expectations with it being thoroughly enjoyed by all. Our teams performed superbly against some excellent competition and held their own! In the end, 2 of our teams missed out on second position, and a place in the next round, by just over a point! It was incredibly close and they deserved more but it wasn't to be...this time! Everyone is incredibly proud of how well they did...bring on next year!

Click HERE for the final results.

March 2017 - Winter Football League - 'The Championship' (Week 1)

The winter football league got underway again with the creation of the 'Premier League' and the 'Championship'. We took 2 teams to play the opening night of fixtures in the Championship with some wonderful performances from both sets of players. The grudge match came near the end with both teams playing against each other! There were some brilliant individual performances on the night - outstanding goalkeeping, Josh's consistency with scoring goals, Taylor's cheeky lob over the goalkeeper and Riley's simply stunning individual goal, weaving his way past 2 defenders and finishing with supreme calmness! Everyone was fantastic...well done to all involved and many thanks to our parents for helping with transport and supporting us! For results, click HERE.

March 2017 - World Book Day PART 2!

FS2, Year 5 and Year 6 started the day off with a catwalk in the hall so they could show off their fabulous costumes, followed by a morning of the Year 5 and 6s reading to Foundation Stage. The children loved hearing a wide range of stories and discussing who their favourite character was and why. 

FS2 produced some amazing writing about their characters and used their phonics to help create a sentence. 

We have had an amazing World Book Day and everyone looked fantastic! Thank you to all parents and carers for the super outfits. 

March 2017 - World Book Day PART 1!

FS and KS1 loved dressing up for World Book Day! Thank you to our parents who created and provided some fantastic costumes for us to wear. We hope you enjoy our mannequin challenge photos! 

March 2017 - Foundation Stage and Year 6 Values...

As part of our values this term, Year 6 researched the meaning of respect and complied presentations to show FS2 what respect is. The Year 6 split into 2 groups and showed their work to the Foundation Stage.

They really enjoyed the presentations and further developed their understanding of how to respect each other.

Thank you Year 6!

March 2017 - Ash Wednesday

Reverend Lindsay came in for her weekly collective worship session with a focus on the very important time of Ash Wednesday. We even had a couple of children who were 'ashed'!

March 2017 - Key Stage 1 Trip to Preston Hall Museum

KS1 loved their trip to Preston Hall Museum. We learnt a lot of information about old objects and how they have evolved over time. The museum staff were brilliant and we would like to say a huge thank you to all parents and helpers who came along with us.

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