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Parent Questionnaire 2016Parent Questionnaire ResultsParent Questionnaire Results

Please find below the results of our Parent Questionnaire from the survey which was carried out in July 2016. 

Thank you to all of the parents who completed the questionnaire. These results, along with work we do with the children, are what enables us to continue to make improvements to our school. Your input is invaluable!

We have fed your responses into our plans which will have a direct impact on what happens in school over the next 12 months.

Question Responses

For a break down of question responses, please click HERE.

You said...we did!



Any incidents regarding behaviour issues parents should be made aware of at the time of the incident or ASAP.

We agree that behaviour incidents should be discussed as they occur or as near to the time as possible. All staff are proactive with seeing parents/carers at the end of the day or contacting them on the phone if required. We are keen to ensure that any problems are dealt with swiftly and in fairness to all involved.

A little more notice on sporting activities would be useful – however I am aware that this can be beyond your control.

Unfortunately some events have happened with very short notice due to the organisation of these events by external agencies or other schools. We now have a list of planned sporting competitions on our website for the year – although undoubtedly some of these will still change at short notice!

Just keep being great!!

We will!

A netball team for the girls and maybe more teams of sport throughout the years not just the year 5s and 6s. Also, playing friendlies and little tournaments against other schools would be good for them to meet other kids and develop skills from any age.

We have started approaching other schools with regards to organising friendly matches against them. Unfortunately, some local schools don’t have some of the teams/age groups we want to play. We are continuing to pursue this.


As ***** is moving into year 3, I know that he would love there to be a football club of some sort that includes his year and his friends would also.

From September 2016, football club will include year 3, we will have a year 3/4 football team and they have a competition date in the diary…Friday 30th September!

Consistency in who teaches the year, ***** has had 4 different teachers this school year.

Consistency is our aim too! Unfortunately, staff move on and finding a permanent full time replacement can take some time. One of these 4 teachers covers teachers planning time and another is one who has been in post since January 2016, so consistency since then.

Closer supervision of children at break times and checks of apparatus prior to children using it, especially when the weather has potentially made apparatus wet or slippery.

We have a dedicated member of staff who supervises the apparatus each break time, checking before children are allowed on it. The risk assessment for the equipment was completed by the head teacher and a child from key stage 2 who gave their point of view – this will be updated annually. We teach children about the element of risk, what is safe and to know their limits. These conversations happen through collective worship and class PSHE lessons.

Will be better is there is more contact between parents and teacher.

Our staff are available at the end of the day on the playground or appointments can be made through the school office. Each class sends out a half termly newsletter with specific information on as well as updates throughout the term. We have 2 parent consultation evenings and open afternoons each term throughout the year as well as an annual report.

Maybe set a little bit more homework with closer target dates for completion, especially in year 6 to prepare for secondary school.

We have updated and uploaded our homework policy onto the website to outline the homework expectations for each year group. Closer hand in dates for older children are under discussion with our year 5 and 6 staff.

I wasn’t happy about Influence Church coming into school and not knowing about it. Neither were other parents. We came in and spoke about it and now they are no longer in school.

The school was running the Influence Church sessions on a trial basis and Rev Lindsay sat in on one of their sessions with no concerns. However, following discussions with parents, we understand the concerns raised and have listened carefully and have decided to cancel all remaining sessions by Influence Church.


Other positive responses...

  • ***** absolutely loves his school, teachers and friends. He has made so much progress during his first year here and has become so much more confident. ***** is always very proud to tell us about his day at school and more so if he has been praised for his good work/behaviour J. As parents, we really enjoy the interaction days we can take part in during school e.g. sports day, picnic day, class open afternoons.
  • Thank you for all your support and assistance with ***** transition this year.
  • Staff are helpful, communication to parents is very good. ***** has improved this year having *****as his teacher – consistent all year, encouraging *****.
  • I have had 2 children at Michael Syddall School and I have never had any problems at all. My concerns have been met to a very high outcome. I feel my children have had a very strong foundation in their education on which to build. Many thanks to all staff.
  • Yet again, ***** has had another fantastic year at school. She loves learning and gets on brilliantly with her teachers. As a parent, I am more than satisfied with the quality of the lessons and all the hard work the teachers do to maintain a lovely little school.
  • A lovely school for ***** to learn and give him the best start – looking forward to my daughter starting and watching her develop too!
  • It is really nice to see the school doing more sports and clubs and the sports day this year was brilliant. Excellent to see them doing the hurdles and races.
  • I am really pleased to see lots of different clubs for all of the different years as there wasn’t much before and I know that both my children were very excited about the clubs starting.
  • Teachers are very friendly and welcoming. Sports day was much improved this year.
  • Great variety of after school clubs, ***** loves the sporting opportunities. Sports day was much improved this year.
  • We have had several family members at Michael Syddall. It has always been a fantastic learning environment. We love the school.
  • Teachers very friendly and welcoming in particular ***** who has helped ***** settle into his first year at school superbly. Sports day was greatly improved this year.
  • Michael Syddall school has good local community bonds and good interaction with families which can be evidenced in church services, craft fairs, discos and sports days which welcome families of pupils to add to the overall well-being of pupils.
  • I love the atmosphere around the school and everybody is friendly.
  • ***** has thoroughly enjoyed her 2 years at this school and has come on brilliantly. We love that there is a real community spirit and the school is so inclusive.
  • ***** has really enjoyed school this year and has been lucky to have such a lovely teacher!
  • After school activities have really started taking shape, which is great.
  • ***** has really enjoyed her year at Michael Syddall. ***** has been a great positive role model for ***** and has given her some great confidence.
  • ***** really enjoys her school life, I feel she has progressed well and the teachers have taken a further step with regards to her reading and writing which we are very happy about.

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