Please find below the results of our Parent Questionnaire from the survey which was carried out in July 2018.

Thank you to all of the parents who completed the questionnaire. These results, along with work we do with the children, are what enables us to continue to make improvements to our school. Your input is invaluable!

We have fed your responses into our plans which will have a direct impact on what happens in school over the next 12 months.

You said…we did!



Only thing I’m not keen on is rewarding children for attendance. It’s not a child’s fault if they are ill or a parent doesn’t bring them to school.

Firstly, we understand. Obviously, children get ill and this can’t be helped. Occasionally, children are ill and parents will give longer off than is needed – we are here to help and advise with this. Now and again, a child will try to ‘pull a fast one’ and say they are ill when they are not. The important thing is to work in partnership with parents, ensuring that education is valued by all and school is seen as an important place for their child to be. Children are beginning to see the importance of being at school where as in the past they may have stayed at home if they felt under the weather. These changing attitudes will benefit them as they progress through their schooling.

There is an expectation that children attend school, both from us and the government who set a target of 96.1% attendance for children. We have triggers which alert us to low attendance and ensures we address any issues as they arise. Our attendance is improving and although some children may not get a ‘reward’ for 100% attendance, the reward of education should be plenty.

Keep doing what you’re doing!

OK…thank you!

I think the school is doing just fine as it is! We are impressed with the school and look forward to sending our second child there in September.

That’s great, we look forward to having them!

Just keep doing what you are doing. All the staff at Michael Syddall are wonderful, thank you.

Thank you.

I am still unsure how much I owe for clubs despite emailing a few times.

Also unsure how to pay via the app?

At the school disco, my child had no money for sweets as this wasn’t stated on the letter, therefore we had tears when I picked him up.

We apologise for any uncertainty over payment and communication. Although not an excuse, we have had some changes in staff members in the school office over the last half term and in the transition, some things may have been missed or not communicated. Don’t worry – we are back up to speed now!

If you are unsure of anything or feel any messages are unclear, please contact the school office, either by phone or in person and we will be happy to help. We are aware that occasionally things may not be as they should be but will do our best to sort any problems so that things become clear.

Other positive comments
  • We are very happy with the progress ??? is making and the support she receives at school. ??? loves going to school and all the school clubs. Thank you for looking after our daughter so well and for all your hard work.
  • The way my child was integrated in to the school at such a late stage in the year was wonderful! Excellent staff.
  • All I can say is FANTASTIC… ??? loves school and is coming on leaps and bounds. Thank you for all your help and support.
  • ??? enjoys coming to school very much and this is evident in his school work. What more can a parent wish for? Thank you.
  • It’s a great school with lovely staff and children. My child learns well and she really enjoys it! Thank you.
  • Fab school, staff are amazing and have been extremely supportive throughout my child’s time at school!
  • ??? loves school and the variety of after school clubs is excellent. The sports holiday clubs are a hit with ??? and we are encouraging her to try some more cubs out in the next term.
  • The progress our daughter has made since starting this school 2 years ago is amazing. She has really grown in confidence and she is doing some fantastic work.
  • Overall as a school I would highly recommend. ??? teacher has been amazing and has gone above and beyond to support her. We will really miss the school when we move. Thank you.
  • My child has loved this school and all through the years she has been here I feel that she has always felt safe and progressed really well. If I have had any concerns, I feel all teachers have listened and dealt with them very well. Thank you to the school as a whole for giving her the best experience of primary school I could ask for and helping her become the person she is today.
  • I am very happy about how well ??? has settled in to school.
  • ??? has come such a long way since starting here. I know she will miss Michael Syddall massively. Thank you for all your support!
  • Brilliant school that ??? thoroughly enjoys. As a parent, I feel happy knowing that she is safe and learning to a high level.
  • My child started this school recently and settled straight away due to the warmness of staff and children. He has made lots of friends and good progress which I have no doubt will continue. Great support with before and after school clubs.