AfPE Quality Mark

We are delighted to have been awarded the Association for Physical Education (AfPE) Quality Mark with Distinction for the time period 2021-2024. This is the highest level of the award that AfPE give to schools who have to go through a rigerous process of evaluation and evidence gathering before the content of the application is validated by and AfPE expert.

Our application was awarded the distinction because…

  • Leadership and management in PE is outstanding and this has resulted in excellent progress since their first application; the developments targets have been achieved very successfully.
  • The planning and assessment developed in PE is used right across the school; the schools unique tracker system enables teachers to easily identify any pupils who need additional support or extra challenge etc.
  • The pupils, not only enjoy PE, SS and PA but, are inspired to work hard by challenging themselves and others to do well. They have excellent knowledge and understanding and can articulate this very effectively.
  • Staff have benefitted from extensive professional learning which results in them being confident when teaching PE.