Active Maths

At our school, we take part in active maths lessons using lessons from an organisation called Maths of the Day. The maths lessons from Maths of the Day involve children being physically active, as during a PE lesson, but with a focus on improving their maths too. The link between being physically active and being at your most ready to learn has been proven!

Maths of the Day at home…

We are now able to offer you the opportunity to complete Maths of the Day activities at home. As well as helping improve your child’s maths, you are also making sure they gain the recommended 60 minutes or physical activity each day! It’s a win/win situation!

Simply click on the image below to gain access to the site. Look out for updates of what your child’s class is currently working on so you can make sure you are supporting with the right activities!

 You also get some helpful exercise and diet tips which change each Monday!