At our school, we teach maths in a number of ways which improve the knowledge and application of maths skills for our children. We aim to teach through topics, as set out in the National Curriculum, through assessing the children at the start of a topic to identify areas of strength and those which need further development. This gives teachers a clear indication of the work which needs to be planned.

So, what do you teach when and in which year groups?

We have a very clear overview of maths which is covered across the school. This assists staff in organising their teaching, making sure that topics aren’t missed.

Here you will find a copy of this document – Maths Overview Document

Here is a copy of our Calculation Policy

The school follows the National Curriculum for maths which very clearly sets out the objectives for each year group and topic which should be taught. These links can be found below. The information linked to ‘Key Stage 1’ or ‘Lower’ and ‘Upper’ Key Stage 2 provides further explanation of mathematical development. Each year group link gives the specific content for that year group.

Key Stage 1

Year 1

Year 2

Lower Key Stage 2 – Year 3 and 4

Year 3

Year 4

Upper Key Stage 2 – Year 5 and 6

Year 5

Year 6