The Primary Edge

What is The Primary Edge?

The Primary Edge is a framework for schools to develop and accredit in pupils those personal attributes essential for employability and life.

Employers tell us they need pupils are able to….

  • problem solve
  • access, select and analyse information
  • write accurately and well
  • present and communicate orally
  • make use of technology

With the characteristics of being….

  • flexible
  • determined
  • optimistic
  • emotionally intelligent

The scheme focuses on 5 key attributes – Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative, and Communication.

Why The Primary Edge?
  • It enables primary schools to give recognition to the enormous amount of time successfully spent on activities both in and outside the classroom which can be associated with developing the ‘whole’ pupil.
  • It supports the development of pupils as not only independent learners, but confident young people who are prepared for the next challenge in their lives, such as moving on to secondary school.
So, what will they do?

The awards are mapped throughout the Primary and Secondary age ranges as follows…

Primary School





Year 1/2



Year 3/4



Year 5/6

Secondary School


Year 7-9



Year 10-11



Year 12-13

Each of the attributes works on different skills. These skills are then worked on through the completion of tasks to develop and strengthen them, working on the key attributes all the time.

For the ‘Foundation’ and ‘Challenger’ awards, children must complete one activity for each attribute. For the ‘Contender’ and ‘Champion’ awards, children must complete three activities for each attribute.

Pupils will be able to achieve four awards, Foundation, Challenger, Contender and Champion, having completed activity programmes related to the five key attributes. The level of the activity is determined by its duration, the size of the team involved and the audience to which the activity is exposed.                                             

  • Activities can take place in or out of school, be curricular or extra-­‐curricular, but must be selected from an approved list of events to ensure rigour and consistency for Contender and Champion.
  • Pupils work with their class teacher, set their own pace and record their progress using the specially designed log books and Record books

Look at the display in our hall…