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The Michael Syddall HMS Heroes

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Her Majesty’s Schools Heroes is a unique pupil voice group originally formed to support Service pupils and young people.  Each registered school has its own HMS Heroes Club.

This club is about having friends and adults to talk to, people who have the time to listen and care about one another. Most importantly it is about friendship and support especially in times of need, when we feel sad, upset or lonely.

In our school, we want ALL children who want to be involved to have the opportunity to be part of the club. As the main purpose is about pupil voice and friendship, we believe this applies to ALL children not just pupils from Service families.

What will our HMS Heroes club do?

  • Will run at lunch times – different days for different classes
  • Play games
  • Time to listen and time to talk
  • Organise events, activities and projects
  • Older pupils will meet up with HMS Hero Club members from other local schools

..and lots more as we respond to pupils’ suggestions and they develop new ideas!


Service Pupils Champion is employed by NYCC to strengthen the pupil voice by promoting and developing the work of HMS Heroes currently established in many of the schools in the Catterick Area.

For more information please follow the link to the 

Service Pupils Champion Website

Nickie Young