Your Child’s Learning

We firmly believe that schools and parents should work closely together to ensure that children have the best possible support throughout their education.

Our staff are always keen and on hand to talk to parents and carers about their child’s learning. Please feel free to contact the school office or catch your child’s class teacher in passing to arrange a meeting if you wish.

We know it can be difficult sometimes to help your child at home and you may not know what to say to be supportive. Also, with the constant changes in education, you may not know what is expected of your child at the moment.

Please find below a range of material to help you support at home, provide help so you can assist where possible and give you more of an understanding of the expectations of your child in each year group in the key areas or reading, writing and maths.


Useful websites

Click here to open a page with links to some useful websites we use and others which will support your child’s learning.


Don’t know what to say for the best? Not sure how to help or what type of questions to ask? Have a look at our ‘Top Tips’ below.

Top Tips for Reading at Home – Key Stage 1

Top Tips for Reading at Home – Key Stage 2


Unsure of the methods children use at school? Do some look familiar but some look totally different to how you did it at school? Want to help but not tell your child the wrong way to do it? Please look at the documents below for more assistance – our ‘Information Booklet for parents’ and ‘Calculation Policy’.

Information Booklet for Parents

Calculation Policy

Expectations for each year group

The National Curriculum (2014) set out specific expectations for children in each year of their primary education. The aim of all schools is to ensure children are ready for the next year of their education. In order to do this, children need to be able to do the things outlined in the documents below, both in isolation and applying them to a variety of situations.