Please find below the results of our Parent Questionnaire from the survey which was carried out in July 2017.

Thank you to all of the parents who completed the questionnaire. These results, along with work we do with the children, are what enables us to continue to make improvements to our school. Your input is invaluable!

We have fed your responses into our plans which will have a direct impact on what happens in school over the next 12 months.

You said...we did!



Some staff should be made aware that some children travel to school by car and it is not their fault if they are late.

We are aware that some of our children travel some distance to school and are keen for them to arrive on time so they can spend as much time learning as possible. We will ensure staff know who these children are and to be mindful that this may happen occasionally.

Would be lovely to have more walks around Catterick Village but I do understand this can be difficult.

We love walking around the village too! We aim for trips such as this to link to the curriculum and be purposeful so they happen when they are beneficial. We are always looking at ways to enhance what we offer and live in a wonderful village however gathering additional adults to help supervise can sometime be difficult.

Never change!


Please bring back the fun run around Catterick Village Sports Field.

Unfortunately, the fun run turned into an event which meant it was no longer fun for a lot of the children who took part. We will investigate the possibility of holding a similar event on the school grounds.


I think the school is amazing. ????? is now going into her final year  – they used to have a play / performance in year 6, is this something that could happen again?

We’re on it! This is something our newly formed Junior Leadership Team is investigating along with the possibility of brining the school hall up-to-date with new staging so that we can really put on a performance!

Keep doing what you are doing! J

We will!

Been told the children who misbehave more get rewarded for not missing golden time. I don’t agree with the way this is dealt with.

Children lose golden time for low level classroom disruption which can impact on the learning of others. Breaking the habit for some children can be difficult. Allocating a few extra merits to some of these children to encourage them further to break their habits and think about their behaviour was a short term solution and for the vast majority of the children worked. Ultimately, this impacts positively in classes for all children.

Other positive comments
  • In the past year, ????? has bloomed at school into the confident person I hoped he’d be. Thank you!
  • ????? has only been at this school a term and has settled in really well. Everyone has made her feel welcome and she enjoys coming to school everyday.
  • ????? has loved her first year at school. She talks fondly of the staff and when she is playing schools at home uses very friendly and positive words which shows she is being spoken to nicely.
  • I would just like to thank all teachers that have been involved with ????? throughout his time at school. Amazing school – he will miss it very much.
  • ????? loves being a pupil at Michael Syddall. We have noticed since she started at the school she is more confident with her reading and writing and seems a lot happier about school in general.
  • Thank you to all the staff that have helped ????? blossom in the past 16 months. As a family, we look forward to seeing her bloom as she goes through juniors. Many thanks.
  • I’m very happy with how ????? is progressing at school.
  • I have seen a noticeable increase in ????? confidence this year. Thank you.
  • Excited to see what next year brings. Thank you to all the staff.
  • ????? reading has dramatically improved this year. Thank you.
  • You have made my boys very welcome in your school.
  • Carry on how you are running the school. Brilliant.
  • ????? has always enjoyed school and has gained so much over the last seven years. We all appreciate the hard work and commitment that all of the teachers have shown. It’s a wonderful school with wonderful teachers and we will all miss it very much.
  • The school has been extremely supportive this year and done a lot to make ????? achieve the best she can. Her confidence has grown a lot recently due to the amazing support she and I have received. Thank you.
  • ????? has really enjoyed all of the different tournaments this year. She has been lucky to compete in a few of them gaining her a lot of confidence. She has loved it.
  • I have been lucky to be able to attend a few of the school trips – Preston Park, Richmond School Fun Run and a walk around the village. ????? has loved these.
  • ????? is a very sporty boy and I think it’s fantastic all of the different after school and lunchtime activities that the school has to offer. Thank you for this.