Long Term Plans

All of our children are given the opportunity to be involved in the planning process before each topic is started. They are encouraged to think about their interests and questions in order to make learning relevant to them.

Our long term plans have been developed as a framework using the National Curriculum content which teachers then ‘fine tune’ to fit the needs of our learners.

The long term plans can be found below. Please note – the 2020/2021 academic year is ‘Year B’. Simply click on the link to see what we are covering.

Foundation Stage

Current planning available in school

Year 1 and 2 Year A Year B
Year 3 and 4 Year A Year B
Year 5 and 6 Year A Year B

Please note – we regularly update our long term plans based on teachers’ evaluations of learning during a topic. We update our ‘published’ long terms plans here annually.

Please access the links on the left hand side of the page for more information about our curriculum.  If you can’t find information you require, please don’t hesitate to contact our curriculum leader and Deputy Headteacher, Mr Saunders via the school office.